Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Reading Programs

I have found that my kids really enjoy participating in summer reading programs.  There are many that are local, like the county library.  There are also many online and nation wide programs where in some cases kids can earn free stuff! (including books!)

I decided to compile a list of available programs.  Some are in certain areas of the U.S., but many are all over!  See if you can participate in any of the following and keep your kids reading this summer! - Kids can earn a FREE book when they complete their form! - Kids can earn FREE HOOT or CHOMP backpack (while supplies last) - Kids can earn $10 to open a savings account! - Pottery Barn Kids summer reading program - kids can earn a FREE book! -Kids get a FREE gift (looks like it could be a t-shirt) : click on the contest link on the left side of the screen - Rewards calendars including a Reading calendar among many - kids get free tokens! - Bob Jones University Reading Program! Kids can receive a FREE surprise and be put into a drawing!

If you find some that I did please leave a comment!  Thanks and happy reading!